Summer time is winding down but there is still plenty to look forward to, especially in the realm of music. For the past couple of months we’ve been partying to Kanye West, Daft Punk, and Jay Z and wearing out our Spotify Apps. But I think for the month of August we all want to know, what’s next? Summer isn’t officially over until September 22nd and there are concerts and albums that we are waiting on the edges of our seats for, and new songs that I’m looking forward to adding to my podcasts and playlists.

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Finding Your Platform


Nowadays there seems to be a platform for everything and everyone to show off their talents. Musicians rely on apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, and ITunes while bloggers rely on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. Film students post to Vimeo and Youtube and photographers upload to Flickr. Finding your platform and finding what suits you is the key to elevating your performance and getting to that next level in this digital age we’re living in.

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Summer’s Hottest: Collabs, Mashups, and Remixes


Music collaborations are just about as satisfying as a tall glass of iced tea in this 90 degree weather. As if these songs weren’t already hits on their own, artists are constantly mixing and remixing to discover new and exciting sounds. Hearing familiar songs in unfamiliar ways is like discovering a completely different track on the same album, and that is why I love to DJ. I can take a slow tempo or old song and completely revamp it with new beats, while still keeping the integrity of the original. It’s about getting people pumped about a song that they’ve already heard hundreds of times, only in a new context.

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Music To-Go: A Maker’s Paradise

Music lovers have more app options than will actually fit on their device.  From SoundCloud, to Pandora, Spotify and more (including the BIJAL app) - our lives have become an audio heaven. And thanks to some genius developers in the past few years, actually making music has become just as mobile. DJ’s are now mixing tracks on airplanes and tour buses just as well as if they were in the studio and singers can get an accompaniment right from their pocket.  

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In the past 10 years or so Hip hop and EDM has become an empire bigger than anyone could have imagined. It’s the Rock and Roll of the 50’s, the Pop of the 90’s.  So much more than the music, its the fashion, the gear, the lifestyle- all with serious potential for financial gain. For some it’s a clothing line, for other’s a magazine. For me, and for now, it’s a unique music-inspired hotel. For me it’s a symbol of stretching the limits, an entrepreneurial drive, and staying true to yourself.

1. Look beyond the trend.

By the time something becomes a trend, it’s already done, used up and over. What I saw in creating a music-themed hotel was a road that hadn’t been paved and a market that hadn’t been explored. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t happen when you’re running with a crowd.

2. Forget Fear

There’s a lot of risk in starting something new and rarely will it ever go exactly as planned. If we were always afraid to take a leap and follow our gut, there’d never be anything new. If I’ve learned anything about starting something new its that you’ve got to pay attention to what’s working, what’s not, and to keep the ball rolling.

3. Be Who You Are

Looking to climb the un-corporate ladder? Don’t sell yourself out. Guys and girls that have become someone else burn out and fade away. Be who you are from the start and stay that way when you’re at the top. 

Official Mobile App Released!


I am very excited to share with you I have launched my very own mobile app for iPhone and Android phones. The app if your source for all things BIJAL. Users will be able to find my tour dates and buy event tickets, watch my video interviews, view photos, share their own fan photos, and of course listen to my radio show and mixes.

iPhone users are able to use the app in offline mode, that means no data or wifi needed to watch videos or listen to music. That’s just awesome! Also users that connect their Facebook or Twitter have a chance to randomly #win prizes.

Choose your mobile deicer below:
Download iPhone app:
Download Android app:



I am very happy to announce that my podcast is back up and running on iTunes after a long two years of being off the radio. I am now back in the mix with two radio shows. My well known highly popular “Everywhere Radio" is back up listed as Urban Episode. I have launched a new EDM show entitled "Club BPM" which will be listed as EDM Episode and will feature one hour of of the latest EDM music along with several of my own mixes and production.

Subscribe on iTunes now to get a new mix automatically every week.
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First I wanted to thank my team for helping me create such an awesome birthday party for my 30th birthday this past Saturday at Kiss & Fly. Thank you to all my guests at arrive early for the exclusive two hour pre-party before we let the public in at 11pm. 

Here are a few sneak peaks at the party below. To see the full album head to .

To see the full album head to .

Golden Gloves This Past Weekend


This weekend was pretty exciting with the Daily News Golden Gloves Finals at the Barclays Center. I had the honor of sitting ringside during the finals next to some Golden Gloves legends and CEO of the Daily News. It was a great two nights at the Barclays Center in which I had the honor on the final night to place the Golden Gloves on final winner of the night. Check out some of these snapshots from the event.

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T-Shirts Have Arrived


New shirts are here! I am very excited about these new shirts I have out now. Available at you can get my new retail grade “BIJAL” v-necks for women and “Mr. Everywhere” crew necks for men.

The available in five (5) colors on a 100% cotton American Apparel shirts. I will be giving out random Twitter and Facebook fans shirts all summer long. So follow me at and like me at

New Venture called Hotel BPM


I am very excited to announce a new a project I am working on that will change the entire way you view a DJ. 

I have spent the past several years finds the ideal location and brainstorming. I am proud to announce that I developed and launched my very own hotel brand known as “Hotel BPM”.

Hotel BPM is located in Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, New York just one very quick subway ride to the new Barclays Center Arena. The hotel features 76 guestrooms stocked with high end designer Frette sheets, towels, and robes. The hotel will be focused around the world music with special attention to DJ culture. Next time your in New York come check it out. You can book a room at

A Brand New Me


I am very excited to announce that a lot of changes have been happening with me as a brand. I now go by just “BIJAL”, I have dropped the “DJ” has over the years I have grown to become more than just a DJ.

I also have a new logo, and this website is brand new too if you were wondering what seemed different.

So join me on this wild ride by following me on which over social media outlet you use and maybe even join a new one as I try to give outlet it’s own content for you.